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24/25 student property availability


ADVERTISING DATES We will advertise properties as and when they become available on our website, which is typically between February and June. We are unable to give any indication of what properties will be available, or indeed what dates they will be advertised, for the simple reason we do not know until the current tenants tell us they are leaving.

HOW TO BE NOTIFIED OF NEW PROPERTY AVAILABILITY Follow us on Facebook or sign up for email alerts

WHAT TO DO IN ADVANCE OF ADVERTISING We recommend you draw up a shortlist of properties you wish to apply for by looking through the unavailable properties on our website. IF one from your list becomes available, it will mean you can email us an application form more quickly. We also recommend your lead tenant downloads and pre-fills an application form, ready to email us should a property from your shortlist become available. Do NOT email us an application form unless the property you are applying for is marked 'available' on our website.

APPLICATION PROCESS Details of our application process can be found in our application form (link below). Remember: please do NOT send us an application until you see the property marked as 'AVAILABLE' on our website.

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